6411 Platt Ave.
West Hills, CA 91307


Briana Davidson

Briana Davidson instructs the following:
  • Pilates Basics
  • Pilates basics teaches you the basic Pilates breath technique and exercises to best strengthen your core (abdominals and back muscles). This class is perfect if you're new to Pilates or just need to brush up on the basics. A combination of all the Pilates equipment will be used, including mat, reformer, cadillac, wunda chair, and jump board in order to give you a taste of all the Pilates has to offer

  • Reformer
  • This is a fast paced class emphasizing flow between exercises to increase muscle stamina. The exercises are done on a moving surface (i.e. the reformer) with spring resistance, which forces greater core stability in order to maintain your
    balance. A higher level of coordination is necessary, therefore this is not a class for beginners.

    *Must have Blue Sky Pilates instructor consent to join this class. Consent is given by an instructor when adequate knowledge of Pilates basics is achieved either through private sessions or ample group class experience.

  • Pilates Mat
  • The Pilates mat exercises utilize body weight as resistance in strengthening the core muscles (i.e. abdominals and back). Small equipment is often incorporated into a mat class such as the foam roller, or magic circle. This class is great for someone looking for a tough workout on a budget.
    *Pilates Basics is strongly recommended prior to joining this class.
    *Individuals with injuries must complete a minimum of one private session prior to joining this class so that an instructor can teach you the modifications for your specific injury.